The Extreme 18

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The attention-getting Extreme Eighteen dry slide is sure to bring everyone running and keep them sliding at your next event! Participants can climb up 18 feet for a sleek and fast drop to the cushioned bottom, guaranteed to satisfy thrill seekers young and old. With a colorful red, purple, green and yellow theme, this dry slide will match any theme or décor, and be an eye-catching attraction. Riders will enter the left side of the inflatable play structure and make the climb and slide down the right side of the dry slide and exit on the right, ready to run around for a second turn.


           Price: $225
     Capacity: 1 rider at a time
Dimensions: 14'6"W x 26'L x 18'H

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The Extreme 18

The Extreme 18

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Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 26'LX15'WX18'H
Space Needed: